Alchemy Sessions FAQs


what does it mean to free and align ?

each of us is a highly complex system of Subtle-Energy. there are pathways, vortexes and fields. these subtle-energetics are like the blueprint of our being. our personality and physical form are built on these blueprints. for various reasons, especially through trauma, small or large, and even our “usual” grasping to identities and/or beliefs, stagnation, densities, and crystalization can occur. health is the free movement and pulsing of these energetic currents, as they naturally do, in rhythm and coordination. Alchemy sessions serve to return our complex system to the more natural state: free movement, circulation, pulse and coordination. this is health. for this reason, any wellness issues can be addressed and attended to with Alchemy.

what is a manual therapy ?

these are hands-on physical and energetic adjustments on a massage table. with deep or subtle pressure, i touch simultaneously a number of levels of your fields. these are your “bodies”: dense physical, emotional mental, etheric and more…

this distinguishes Alchemy Sessions from other forms which may only be able to touch one or two levels, and thus potentially not fulfill the release of a stagnation entirely through to serve an integrated, coordinated shift.

in session, i use a cross-referencing approach: that is, a combination of a few modalities that will best service the intention we share. tailored to each individual client, we will engage also dialogue, spiritual guidance, meditation practices, chant, authentic movement and/or yoga postures.

what is the basis of this work?

this work is based in the esoteric sciences, principles and laws of the universe applied for the purpose of wellbeing.

this work and practice is my unique system integrating both my direct spiritual initiations and self-referencial laboratories over 15 years, with mentorship trainings. while i have been training in alexander technique, polarity and cranio-sacral, the methods i apply are spontaneous in each moment and based in the universal laws and  principles of the Spiritual Realities. in this way, Alchemy sessions are grounded in principles of how energy moves within both our individual and universal energetic anatomy. using these principles and maps, along with an awake spontaneous presence, my Alchemy sessions serve to release stagnation of the body/mind to re-member its innate free, healthy and vital state-of-being.

in Energy-Alchemy sessions, I work with the science of the esoteric dimensions of reality. I midwife you through releases and realignments so that all dimensions of “you” can be more in rapport and coordinated. your core-being becomes more steady and a palpable experience,  balance and openness to Life are within your choice. you gain tools to mobilize and shape your energy fields so that you become an agent of your own experience.

what should i expect to experience ?

clients typically experience a deep relaxation and often enter states-of-mind somewhere between sleeping and waking. their breath softens and steadies. emotions are welcome, and may arise but not always. there could be dialogue in the session as a client experiences sensations or changes, or silence. this is typical guided by the client’s own intuition. at the completion of a session, i encourage clients to take a walk and/or write to integrate the adjustments. clients usually feel a peaceful state-of-mind with more presence and clarity. the sessions serve to return to our “true-self” much like (but much more organic than) re-starting the computer.

healing is available, and tons of newly resourced vitality is available through relaxed presence. it is our nature to be well. these sessions support the body/mind to remember. practices, that we discuss in our sessions and clients continue, are most supportive as well.

how does Alchemy work for our typical modern-day maladies ?

we can work with classifications such as: depression/lethargy, anxiety/stress, neck, back and jaw pain, restlessness/ADD , and addictions. many of what I call our current standard “modern-day maladies” can be addressed and resolved through this work. when we adjust and realign the energy-fields that make up your being, and train in attention and intention, we find these “maladies” may be only a product of lack of training and knowledge of our energetic anatomy.

to discuss your specific inquiry and personalized services,
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what are remote Alchemy Sessions ?

these sessions can be arranged remotely, when we are not in the same geographical location. typically this work best after we have worked together in live time/space at least once, but that is not absolutely necessary. because we are connecting in any Alchemy Session as well in the transpersonal dimensions, these connections are as accessible remotely. they are not principled in time or space. when working remotely we will usually choose to “meet” at the same time. sometimes, i will give you a practice to engage at that time, or we may speak for 5-10 min prior to closing the phone and working remotely. we can discuss how this option might work to serve you.

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