movement medicine arts (mma)

In MMA courses, you learn to hone attention & focus intention to experience or present movement, in alignment.

Movement Medicine Arts Courses provide

  • direct experience of spirit moving through the body’s form
  • understanding the power of embodiment for both personal awareness and professional development in performing arts
  • joy. learning joy as a direct result of attentive mind in movement
  • unwinding. experiencing postural habits and restrictive patterns unwinding themselves.
  • new creative pathways. for both personal and professional development
  • an intimate relationship with self. both lowercase and uppercase ‘s’

see also “dance” page

movement as medicine: Movement is the essential nature of all things and a common quality of subtle energies that are primary to all forms.

In MMA, we engage varying degrees of structure in various modalities which all profoundly deepen attention and free-up movement, with the provision of information about energetic anatomy to support practices.

Through movement focused on how freedom itself creates form, we directly experience alignment, new knowings, and ripe transformations.

our primal and direct connection to that that is moving All, is the primary medicine.

  • keren's offerings in MMA are cutting edge and very important in these times, wherein our religious codes and dogmas have failed to inspire us or to reveal to us the truth of our Selves within the broader spiritual reality. the encouragement of direct experience and knowing is vital right now...truly movement!
  •'s been a honor, a joie de vivre nourishment of body/soul entrainment. OneDance & Keren, thank you for enriching my life. Adashe, Optimum Health Advocate. S.fe, NM


the OneDance:  entering the collective mind-state (we-body), co-creating the moment via music, voice and dance, spontaneous.

authentic movement “Surveying the Mysteries”.  alternating roles as the mover and the witness,  rooting in new compassionate presence. then, learning to articulate with words closest to the experience and for what might feel unnameable.

moving more free: alexander technique & experiential anatomy for discovering freedom in all forms of dance, movement practices, and day-to-day posturing.

alexander technique for full-on performance refining posture and presence via the alexander efficiency in movement principles. you learn to up performance presence and radiance, whether in dance, theater or music.

shaking medicine:  we explore the manifold possibilities of engaging with the range of subtle to large shakes through the body, swinging as a means to release and engender momentum, and how together these spontaneous movements strung into a period of constant, grant release, refreshment and alignment.

dis-orientation dynamic

sounds and stillness

Movement= dance, voice & music

each of these modes of expression ARE movement

Throughout history, peoples have engaged music, dance, song and ritual to know the Spiritual Realities, to experience themselves as much more than flesh, bones, characters and personalities, as well as for transformation and new insights.

In MMA courses, we tap the same primal sensibilities and touch the same essential Spiritual Realities, while employing no specific doctrine, codes or cultural reference.

The experience of our True Nature, both as individuals and as a collective, is the healing, the medicine.

we are remembering our indigenous humanity