virtual retreats

virtual retreats:  stay home, meditate, rejuvenate, create…

upcoming virtual retreats

group format

1.   re-new you! retreat (24 hrs)
25-26 july            fee: $120  add. skype: $55  registration deposit: 50%

2.   shabbat: sanctifying rest (26 hrs)
31 july- 1 aug        fee: $120  add. skype: $55  registration deposit: 50%

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virtual retreats:  stay home, meditate, rejuvenate, create…

with spiritual guidance of keren abrams…

retreats are time we set aside for the internal, the contemplative and attentive intimacy with the divine.  the nourishment of these sacred markers in time cannot be overstated. especially in the society and culture we have created where values rely on how much one can do and how quickly, we simply must revitalize ourselves from the completely opposite point of view. in fact, the ancient hebrew wisdom tradition offers us this medicine quite bluntly with the concept of a sabbath. in rhythm: 6 days on/1 day off, we are told to base our lifestyle. work is well valued and completely in balance with rest.

join me as we claim the value of sacred rest, internal refreshment and subtle-realm intimacy. all  health begins here! ~ balance.

what’s unique and even more simplifying about these virtual retreats is you can participate right from home!…or from a second home or any location that suits you easily. no bag packing, travel expenses and tensions…just clear the desk, some light dusting perhaps, click off the phone and – there you are! away!

contact me to learn about designing your own personal

  • one day retreat   – or-
  • weekend retreat

right in your own location!

the format

for custom arranged solo retreats, we begin with a phone/skype consult where we will gain understanding of your personal intentions for retreat. we will then further design the schedule and the itinerary of that designated retreat time.

i will give you assignments to complete before the retreat that will help you be prepared, then begin and end your retreat with phone/skype meetings.

group virtual retreat format is sketched off of the following outline (may be variations)

  • phone/skype 30 min orientation with keren upon registration
  • pre-retreat prep assignments via email
  • retreat opening/ closing live skype conference with group. includes personal variations for group guidance. (only up to 7 participants each retreat.)
  • personal follow up email with keren

the benefit

through virtual retreat, participants will be invited to experience

  • the blessing of solo space, while being held by another (or others, in group retreats)
  • a sense of re-centering
  • a more calm and clear thought capactiy
  • a deep rest, and thus refreshment
  • a reconnection with the soft-animal-of-the-body
  • a renewed sense of purpose and vision
  • an intimacy with self and Divine Being


  • Keren Abrams echoes the voice of the ancestors. She brings clarity to the places in our souls that have been muddled by millennia of fear -- fear of others, fear of self, fear of real-time relating with the Mystery of all Mysteries. Her sacred dance spirals us into a weave that brings us enrichment and beauty, and connects us to Spirit. The resonance of her drum and chant reawakens within us a long-neglected memory of a time when we cared less about more, and did more about caring. Keren Abrams comes to her work with an integrity and intention sorely needed in our time.
    Rabbi Gershon Winkler, Author of Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism
  • with keren's assistance, i have created a foundation for my devotional practice, have learned to pull my spirit into my body instead of leaving my body to join my spirit, and have developed effective emotional and spiritual tools to truly grow and act from my authentic core. keren empowers me by reflecting my own wisdom and compassion.
  •'s been a honor, a joie de vivre nourishment of body/soul entrainment. OneDance & Keren, thank you for enriching my life. Adashe, Optimum Health Advocate. S.fe, NM
  • thank you for your patience, kind words and wisdom. the way you worked with me on retreat this summer was amazing and transformative, i want to continue our work and resource your guidance as this new "me" is unfolding more.
    jill, maryland
  • ...i love the way you lead ceremony. there is a certain fearlessness you exude in your approach and practice that is refreshing and seemingly filled with love for everything. good for you, and good for everyone whom you reach out to; you have a gift which shines very brightly.
    anonymous, santa fe
  • I want to thank you for the beauty of the ceremony you conducted for me last spring. In the midst of personal turmoil and sadness, your warmth, knowledge and humanity brought about the realization that I was not alone. The thoughtfulness of the ritual - so woven into the fabric of all human drama and life - and the tenderness with which you conducted it, enabled me to feel one with the rhythms and passages of time
    janet. philadelphia

Healing Retreat

keren co-creates a structure with an individual or small group for healing in physical, emotional and spiritual realms. these retreats can be from 1 full day to 1 week and offer direct contact work with keren in any of the modalities she offers in private sessions as well as options of yoga and creative arts.

Ritual Art and Authentic Ceremony Retreat

..receiving the ritual of the moment through gesture, prayer, movement and music..

at the root of all formalized spiritual and religious practice lies the inner urge, the organic desire, to feel one-self a part of the whole of creation. when we enact ritual we engage this opportunity. releasing the commonly known codes and definitions of ritual, in this workshop, we go to experience ritual’s seed-source and cultivate the flower of its manifestation into form. this workshop guides the crafting of ritual, based in a clarity of intention and a depth of attention, to mark life’s transformative and transitional times. some intentions may be: release and cleansing rituals, rites of passage rituals, healing rituals, or commitment rituals.

Learning Silence Retreat

keren facilitates individuals or groups in the practice of silence and listening for receiving higher guidance. the retreat structure includes continual practice of sacred silence. keren co-creates the structure with the participants and contents may include guided meditation, energy healing, embodied experience in nature, chant and constructive rest.