authentic ceremony

washed drum HSan evolutionary approach to ceremony…

as humanity is evolving toward world- culture and embracing a universal spirituality, the religious and other codified lineages feel foreign to many. With keren’s guidance, we access our authentic knowing of prayer and ceremony, and experience a relevant, real alchemy. that is, a ceremony that actually makes movements or places stakes in the reality, according to the intention.  this ceremony is authentic in such that it springs from innate knowing into its immediate form.

The innate is more ancient than religion or dogma, and less finite.

together we co-create the immediate expression of the moment. we mark, invoke, and navigate by our ceremonies.

  • for life transitions, healing, passages & guidance
  • including prayer, movement, music, & interaction with natural elements.
  •  individual or group setting.

life-cycle rituals with keren’s inimitable artistry

emanating from a wealth of experience in the performing arts, both on the stage and in behind-the-scenes production elements, keren is known for completely original and artistic life-cycle rituals of varied styles. working completely outside of any institutional bounds, keren and her clients co-create from their authentic source, what is immediate and meaningful.

together we look at what this time means to you? what are you marking, invoking and/or alchemizing? what elements and symbols have meaning for you especially at this important time? what kinds of music, sound, image, materials do you want to include in the ritual creation? what landscape? which participants? over a series of meetings, in person or on skype, and email exchanges, the “masterpiece” evolves and we do it!

“…i love the way you lead ceremony. there is a certain fearlessness you exude in your approach and practice that is refreshing and seemingly filled with love for everything. good for you, and good for everyone whom you reach out to;
you have a gift which shines very brightly!” – anonymous, santa fe


” my definition of ceremony is a safe space that provides freedom, inspiration, guidance for personal spiritual growth. I experienced all of these beautiful things when participating in Keren’s we-body. To be able to guide and lead humans be-ing to new levels of trust, truth, healing with out inserting one-self is no easy  task. Keren seems to do that intuitively and masterfully. She can be trusted to be fully human and Divine at once. – Ty Yoder

authentic ceremony
for all of life’s milestone occasions:

  • baby namings
  • house blessings
  • relationship transitions
  • weddings
  • adulthood rites of passage
  • bar/bat mitzvah
  • grieving and loss
  • memorial ceremonies
  • career transitions
  • and more…as per client requests