keren khaya abrams, ma, ordained omana’ya, offers SEeR – facilitating experiences in the Subtle-Energetic Realities.

her work is based in the esoteric sciences: universal laws and principles of force and energy and it’s movement. with direct initiations in these teachings, and thousands of hours of self-laboratory, she created Alchemy sessions, end-of-life midwife, Movement Medicine Arts (MMA), the OneDance, and the Native Hebrew Spirit Path. in the lineage of rabbi zalman schachter-shalomi, at hamakom institute in israel ,she received ordination as omana’ya and is indeed the pioneering woman of this “hebrew ritual artist” rabbinic title and new lineage, as well as being charged as a direct shaliakh of reb zalman.

keren is a practitioner and teacher in the art and science of ritual and healing arts, movement & dance, and embodied consciousness.

to make ritual is to consciously participate in Creation. it is the art of giving form to my experience in tandem with saying – – here i am.

keren is a seasoned professional performing artist, with modern and post-modern dance in the foreground, met with voice and percussion. her training and performing career spans the early decades of her life, and in the recent one her focus on teaching and training other dancers/performers is currently primary.  her expertise ranges from ballet to yoga, authentic movement to contact improvisation, african to post-modern, and salsa to tango – specifically in the area of “contact-tango” where she originated “sublime tango” seminars for tango dancers.

keren founded the “omana’ya” center for native hebrew spirit through which she offers teaching, holy day ceremony, healing rites, spiritual guidance, and officiation for lifecycle rituals, both in the united states and israel. while independent of any affiliation, keren is in close association with leaders in the jewish renewal movement, and an authorized shaliakh of reb zalman. she is fluent in biblical and modern hebrew, traditional cantillation, and has either partnered, solo-ed or pioneered numerous pilgrimages to israel for educational, community and/or healing purposes since 1991.

the hebrew language is a portal to peer through, multi-dimensions of information are spun into it’s form. as we open our minds and perceive it, read it, sing it, all its meanings and wonders dance toward us.

keren studies ancient hebrew text and receives revelation of medicine, wisdom and universal principles. in her  unique “source kabala“. studied words turn themselves into melody within her heart/mind. some are recorded on the albums she markets. many of her direct visions are being written now into a biblical novel, with intended publishing in this coming year.

a collaborator since 2006 at deva lands sanctuary, in the mountains just outside of santa fe, new mexico, keren has been part of this retreat center’s development, as well as based her private practice and establishment of the omana’ya center and the SEeR mystery school within it.

keren holds an MA in interdisciplinary art from san francisco state university and has taught courses in dance and other movement arts at numerous colleges, universities and festivals, including san francisco state, naropa university, university of the arts (phl), seminar kibbutzim (israel), as well as self-produced dance/performance workshops in usa and abroad during  the last 20 years. her Alchemy sessions and teachings have been received by clients in israel, greece and spain, and she has presented dance seminars in greece as well as numerous native hebrew spirit workshops in israel, including a collaborative tour with jo’el jojola, isleta traditional advisor.  (click here for a full cv)

keren has traveled extensively – including africa (beloved zimbabwe!), indonesia, israel, morocco, spain and greece. – participating in ritual and dance arts. she has collaborated performance with arye bursztyn and yair dalal in israel, performance-ritual with suprapto suryodarma in java, choreographed for the first ms.zimbabwe competition, studied traditional drum/dance with clayton ndlovu, and learned temple chant from ibu made tirta in bali.

keren offers deep gratitude for her both early and recent mentors, some of whom are: ralph lemon, shelley senter, jon ingle, sarah shelton mann, audrey bookspan, susan glazer, janet adler, reb zalman, reb ohad, reb jack gabriel, jeannie and ginny.

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