• "my definition of ceremony is a safe space that provides freedom, inspiration, guidance for personal spiritual growth. I experienced all of these beautiful things when participating in Keren's we-body. To be able to guide and lead humans be-ing to new levels of trust, truth, healing without inserting one-self is no easy  task. Keren seems to do that intuitively and masterfully. She can be trusted to be fully human and Divine at once."
    - Ty Yoder, Colorado
  • I have worked with Keren for 4 consecutive years, in intensive retreats and follow-up skype sessions as well. She always has been and is a great spiritual teacher and mentor to me, helping me to make peace with the past, enabling me to live a more peaceful and open minded life currently. I love her open, and intuitive approach, filled with great variety of modes, and the guidance she provides with it!  
    - Perry. Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • you are freeing words form the imprisonment of literalism!
    tomas, source kabala class, santa fe
  • it is a huge privilege to learn, share and pray with you. I thank god that we were brought together!
    amy, new mexico
  • ....it's been a honor, a joie de vivre nourishment of body/soul entrainment. OneDance & Keren, thank you for enriching my life. Adashe, Optimum Health Advocate. S.fe, NM
  • keren's offerings in MMA are cutting edge and very important in these times, wherein our religious codes and dogmas have failed to inspire us or to reveal to us the truth of our Selves within the broader spiritual reality. the encouragement of direct experience and knowing is vital right now...truly movement!
  • with keren's assistance, i have created a foundation for my devotional practice, have learned to pull my spirit into my body instead of leaving my body to join my spirit, and have developed effective emotional and spiritual tools to truly grow and act from my authentic core. keren empowers me by reflecting my own wisdom and compassion.
  • Keren Abrams echoes the voice of the ancestors. She brings clarity to the places in our souls that have been muddled by millennia of fear -- fear of others, fear of self, fear of real-time relating with the Mystery of all Mysteries. Her sacred dance spirals us into a weave that brings us enrichment and beauty, and connects us to Spirit. The resonance of her drum and chant reawakens within us a long-neglected memory of a time when we cared less about more, and did more about caring. Keren Abrams comes to her work with an integrity and intention sorely needed in our time.
    Rabbi Gershon Winkler, Author of Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism
  • keren helped us to create a wedding ceremony and celebration full of meaning and joy. all of the jewish cultural influences were heartfelt by our guests, who one year later are still giving high praises to the details of our special day. it was a unique, spiritual and beautiful wedding, unlike one that anyone had ever experienced. thank you for our wonderful day!
    elke and bill, colorado
  • Keren Khaya Abrams, a most remarkable creature, a fountain of vitality and kindness. A truly gifted healer, a carrier of deep and uncanny medicine. In her hands, bodies transform.  
    -- David Abram, writer. new mexico
  • I want to thank you for the beauty of the ceremony you conducted for me last spring. In the midst of personal turmoil and sadness, your warmth, knowledge and humanity brought about the realization that I was not alone. The thoughtfulness of the ritual - so woven into the fabric of all human drama and life - and the tenderness with which you conducted it, enabled me to feel one with the rhythms and passages of time
    janet. philadelphia
  • from ordination for omana'ya, minister of jewish ritual and prayer: i recommend any community and individual to be assisted by her in the paths of their life-rituals. i trust her to lead the people in meaningful and artistic rituals with full respect to themselves, as well as to the earth and all of her inhabitants. she is trusted to be drawing her inspiration from the deep well of the ancient and ever-renewing tradition of the Hebrews, since our tribal roots to the late rabbinic periods, with the openness to the reunion of this tradition with all other wisdom and divine peace-seeking traditions of the world. "may the sweet-pleasantness of adonai our source-of-powers be upon us and prepare the workings of our hands..." (psalms)
    rabbi ohad yisrael nisi ezrachi, israel
  • thank you for your patience, kind words and wisdom. the way you worked with me on retreat this summer was amazing and transformative, i want to continue our work and resource your guidance as this new "me" is unfolding more.
    jill, maryland
  • my work with keren was transformative, and literally, life saving. her depth of purpose and connection to spirit guided me to a place of healing i intuited was possible, but could not have gotten to alone.
    shea, boston
  • Thank you for helping us create a wedding so beautiful, so meaningful and most importantly something so true to who we are and the relationship that we have. Thank you for your patience, kind words and wisdom.
    Megan and Tyler, Philadelphia
  • ...i love the way you lead ceremony. there is a certain fearlessness you exude in your approach and practice that is refreshing and seemingly filled with love for everything. good for you, and good for everyone whom you reach out to; you have a gift which shines very brightly.
    anonymous, santa fe
  • There are no words that adequately describe the experience I had with Keren during a four day retreat at Deva Land. In those four days, Keren guided me to a place that I had been seeking literally all of my life, a place of peace, happiness and wholeness and for that I will forever be indebted to her. She is beyond remarkable.
    Bob, Oklahoma City
  • "To be able to guide and lead humans be-ing to new levels of trust, truth, & healing without inserting one-self is no easy task. Keren seems to do that intuitively and masterfully. She can be trusted to be fully human and Divine at once."
    Ty Yoder