native hebrew spirit


the Native Hebrew Spirit path is keren’s unique contribution to evolving jewish practice which is both deeply rooted and immediately relevant.

her ordination is as “omana’ya” is in the rabbinic lineage of reb zalman schachter-shalomi. she is as well a direct “shaliakh” of him. she created the omana’ya center for native hebrew spirit in 2008 in santa fe, new mexico

…a look into the Native Hebrew Spirit path:

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The Jewish ancestors were Hebrew tribal people, desert wanderers. their leaders, self-realized prophetic seers. Their ways of understanding and relating to The Ineffable Divine, and to the other powers and beings in nature, were vastly different than common Jewish practices today, even though the Hebrews are the biblical jewish ancestors.

Spontaneous prayer, intimate relations with nature and the elements, and embodied ritual practices were the essential ingredients in hebrew worship practices. There was not a religion, for millennia of our history, rather, there was a way of life. or, A spirit-path: a way the people lived and related, between them and to the Creator, in this realm where feet touch earth and minds reach to the heavens.

A main thrust of this work is to

revitalize contemporary Judaism with a healing dose of its own roots’ medicine.

What is our source-text to peer into the Native Hebrew Spirit? Simply, Tanakh (hebrew bible) . Though we frequently re-tell stories of Abraham & Sarah, Moshe & Miriam, and the many others wandering in the Tanakh, the essences of their practices and experiences are nearly lost in contemporary Jewish practice. here, in the omana’ya path, we re-vitalize their essential wisdom-ways.

why is this important now?  keren’s Native Hebrew Spirit work directly serves the many Jewish people who are demonstrating a hunger to be personally touched by their Jewish connection. Deeply and immediately. She suggests that at this time in history our remembrance and inclusion of the sensibilities from the more ancient Hebrew Spirit ways can serve this need. as well, this path of practice, education and celebration serves to reveal the Hebrew wisdom as one facet of a varied-culture world-wisdom.

keren further suggests that one of the consequences of exiles and collective trauma is the condensation of spiritual practices into “backpack-able religion”.  As she sees it, now is the time to unpack what was condensed and largely crystallized into the more contemporary texts and protocols. her work as omana’ya is in service to this “unpack”.

YOU CAN : invite keren to speak about the new omana’ya ordination and the Native Hebrew Spirit path in your community or synagogue

This introductory talk can be formatted according to the needs of the congregation, such as a drash during regular services (15-20 minutes) or as a more in-depth talk and discussion in another format (20-60 minutes). All talks can be customized, via previous consult, to the communities’ specific interests and aims.

  • you are freeing words form the imprisonment of literalism!
    tomas, source kabala class, santa fe
  • it is a huge privilege to learn, share and pray with you. I thank god that we were brought together!
    amy, new mexico
  • Keren Abrams echoes the voice of the ancestors. She brings clarity to the places in our souls that have been muddled by millennia of fear -- fear of others, fear of self, fear of real-time relating with the Mystery of all Mysteries. Her sacred dance spirals us into a weave that brings us enrichment and beauty, and connects us to Spirit. The resonance of her drum and chant reawakens within us a long-neglected memory of a time when we cared less about more, and did more about caring. Keren Abrams comes to her work with an integrity and intention sorely needed in our time.
    Rabbi Gershon Winkler, Author of Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism