omana’ya center
for Native Hebrew Spirit

… revitalizing contemporary jewish practice with a dose of its own ancient tribal root-medicine.

at last, a gathering place wherein the essence of tribal hebrew ways are recovered and integrated into contemporary jewish practice. a place without institutional bounds on the cultivation and immediate expression of the sacred. whoever is moved to be present is welcome.

our intention is to revitalize essences and wisdoms from hebraic spirituality within contemporary and immediately relevant ritual and prayer.

we re-source the pre-judaic (prior to religious establishment) native hebrew spirit to tap the essence of our ancestral ways. there we find:

  • attentive & direct experience of divinity
  • sensuous & sacred embodiment
  • attunement with nature & seasons

the Hebrew word “omana’ya”  is both an ordination title (for hebrew ritual artist) and the name of our center for native hebrew spirit. it is a descendant of the beloved R. zalman schachter-shalomi z”l. learn more about the omana’ya ordination


the omana’ya center hosts

kabalat shabbat & holy day rituals

           enrichment workshops & source kabala classes

as well as individual spiritual guidance counsel with keren.

echoing of the hebrew ancestry, our rituals engage the essences of  embodiment with song, music and dance, spontaneity and co-creation of prayer in word and gesture, connection with natural elements, and invoking hebrew as a sacred language.

see video to the right, an omana’ya documentary, to learn more about how omana’ya was initiated and what it is initiating….

“not unlike other worldwide shamanic traditions, this ancient, feminine-balanced tribal knowledge is a resource for maturing consciousness, self-integration and peace work. by nature, omana’ya ways are inviting, cooperative, supporting of the intuitive, non-invasive and serve to unify the self while freeing the dissonance caused by doubt, fear, and other emotional pain. we attend and act for self healing and wholeness as well as for the integrity and healing of the lineage.” – LB, participant 2008-2011