omana’ya ordination


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when i walked out into the winter white-rock of stark desert, the wind sang ancient. i bowed often, i dove into text, listening.  i wandered as they did – right around here – in these cliffs towering above the salt sea, my ancestry hummed with me. this prayer, tone, is an eternity. we are only one note in the whole sympohony. as such is omana’ya. she does her part, in whole artistry of Yah! amen.


the Native Hebrew Spirit path revitalizes Jewish Practice with a dose of it’s own ancient root medicine.

It offers insight into Universal Truths directly revealed in ancient Hebrew Texts and embodied ritual.

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As I engaged with Judaism more at it’s roots and took myself by the hand reading directly the Hebrew source texts, I saw obviously that the Jewish ancestors were tribal people – Hebrew – and for a long while desert wanderers. their god called, at first without a name at all. the prophets were those who sensed a god call and spoke. if someone listened, they were in leadership – naturally.

Hebrew tribal ways of understanding and relating to The Ineffable Divine, and to the other powers and beings in nature, were via embodied ritual, little or no speech, including music, song, scent, spontanaeity.  This is all vastly different than common Jewish practices today, even though the Hebrews are most obviously the biblical Jewish ancestors. They are as well ancestor to the 3 major world religions today.

Spontaneous prayer as well as intimate, direct relations with nature and the elements were essential ingredients in Hebrew and Israelite worship practices.

I asked my rabbi mentors to guide me in my god-directed studies and ordain me in a single lineage (no academy) as was in days past.  I am ordained to further the Native Hebrew Spirit path. we ceremonially celebreate life-cyle events, and honor holy days in ways that bring forward these ancient Hebrew essences: spontaneous prayer, music, song, movement, communal integration, and natural elements.

the native hebrew spirit path forwards experience of this hebrew-known god, free of name and material construct, as well as folk free to be with god without protocol.