the "source kabala" teachings

Source Kabala: the “sod” series of seminars    סדרת סוד

the sod of   “eidut”    עדות-    Witness Presence

the sod of    “eirut”   עירות-      Awakeness

the sod of    “kirvut”   קרבות –     Intimacy


Source Kabala: tapping Hebrew Spiritual Wisdom at its Roots

kabala means receive. it is the esoteric lineage of mysteries and wisdom that has been received through the hebrew people and the sacred hebrew language.
Source Kabala is way of being present with the Hebrew ancient text and root structures, with our own insight and embodiment, and receiving….

you see…hebrew is designed to be a portal, a vibrational symbol built to house multi-dimensions at once. through the language we can peer into and unravel the universal mysteries. it is a code, thus it is uniquely designed to house secrets of the universe, which are teachings of Spiritual Realities.

the key to Source Kabala is our approach: direct, unmediated, in a receptive and multi-dimensional state-of-mind.

the conventionally understood “kabala” is the study of what other people “received” in insight in other places & times via Hebrew text and contemplation. so, when we “study” kabala in that way, it is mediated by others from other times and contexts. while that study can be useful, we are doing something else here. we are touching directly, as so many generations have done, the source. in this way, we do network also with hebrew prophets and enlightened minds of all times/places.

the truth is One , regardless of the portal we peer through. all cloaks removed, the bare truth is the same. all cloaks are lovely veils to un-cover…

when we study Source Kabala together, we use a unique approach which engages our multi-dimensional presence. it is a shifted-from-ordinary consciousness. through visualization, meditation, ceremony and song, we prime our receptive and spontaneously able state-of-mind. we play with hebrew letters, roots, phrases, etymologies, permutations, enunciations…

and find what there is NOW to receive. this is Source Kabala- yah!

what we receive when we go through that gateway is ancient wisdoms with immediate relevance to our lives.


  • you are freeing words form the imprisonment of literalism!
    tomas, source kabala class, santa fe