Cooperation at it’s maximum, risk at minimum

A Quaran-team is a collaborative effort with a limited number of family and friends. Folks start discussions that lead to detailed agreements of shared safety regimens for at-home and any other essential interactive activities (like stores and workplaces). Once agreements are clear and each has quarantined alone for a few weeks, those folks start to interact together. As a Pod, or in this “bubble”, things like shared meals, recreation, discussion, work projects and homeschools can happen, with a relaxed feeling of being safe.

COMING SOON!  Video and Articles that share detail from interviews with experts

  •   Dr. Bill Dean MD/ND in family medicine. Santa Fe, NM

**   Melissa Hawkins, PhD. Director of the Public Health Scholars Program in the Department of Health Studies at American University. Washington DC.


See Quaran-TEAM definitions and links to widely distributed articles with experts

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Learn More and Get Started

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1   Invite friends and family who might be interested.   2   Discuss  protocols for in-public safety.   3    Establish Regimen and Protocols.   4    Draft Agreements.   5    Self-Isolate for a specified period.   6    Socialize with the folks in your team.

What are the basic steps to build a quaranteam?

Step One:   Invite friends and family who might be interested

Step Two:   Discuss  protocols for in-public safety

Step Three:  Establish Regimen and Protocols

Step Four:  Draft Agreements

Step Five:   Self-Isolate for a specified period

Step Six:   Socialize with the folks in your team

What are other examples of quaran-teams nationwide?

From what I am seeing, there is not much publicized yet. There ARE experts talking about it because FOLKS are asking.

some neighborhood examples well researched here in Philadelphia:  https://www.inquirer.com/health/coronavirus/philadelphia-coronavirus-pandemic-socially-monogamous-quaranteam-double-bubble-20200517.html

I am hoping to make more information, ideas, and resources available to that in these terribly hard times, many people can feel empowered to build quaran-teams AND have a place to come back and tell about it (coming to this page soon!:-))

We want to build a quaranteam homeschool pod

See Steps one to Five in above segment “What are the steps to building a Qaran-team?”


  • single parent lead
  • rotating parent lead
  • hire a lead childcare worker and no parents lead
  • hire a lead for 3/4 of the time, use a parent for a small parttime

Is there a parent capable and interested to be Lead for the children’s pod? Is the dynamic between parent and child simple enough to do that? Is rotation a great way to share the responsibility or does it become chaotic, uncertain for the children and incohesvie?

Is it possible to hire? Is there some one who is capable of being the Lead you can find by job posts, and who is also geared up to be in quaranteam in this way? Some one trustworthy to follow the regimens and protocols that all the parents establish? What are the costs? Could a parent hosting the Pod at their home pay less and be in charge of clean-up and set-up?

Choose location

  • a family’s home
  • a rented space

Consider safety first. Where can you be in charge of how the facility is used and how it is cleaned and who comes in/out of that venue. Also consider outdoor play space and equipment as well as appropriateness of indoor space. Think about light and ventilation, noise levels or distractions, chairs/tables, supplies and cozy/quiet corner

Choose Days/Times

  • all weekdays
  • some weekdays
  • full days
  • part days
  • start and end date of initial trial run

For older children, every day and most similar to regular school hours might be a good idea. But budget (if hiring a Lead) will also need to be considered.

For younger children, consider is it comfy and possible to nap as a group? Better to have a shorter day and each one naps at their own home? Do you want to eat lunch together where everyone packs their own? or one brings for the whole group and parents alternate days?

Consider each members’ thoughts and needs around number of days and number of hours per day. There might have to be compromise in order to establish an agreement. There might have to be creative thought to serve the needs of each member. For instance, if everyone is good with ending a day at 2pm, but one parent works til 5pm and would like the homeschool pod to go that long, perhaps a parent who is available can offer for that child to be with them at their home from 2-5pm each day.


Can I get more personal help with quaranteam building?

I am thrilled to offer personal consults on a sliding scale basis. In the gift-economy model, the recipient of servies contributes a dollar amount that in their own estimation equals the value of what they received.

Please do contact me to schedule your initial 40 minute consult. Additional meetings can be arranged as needed.

Are there videos that can help us get started?

Yes! and there will be more, as demand requests. See the youtube channel, the quaranteam playlist.