Respectful Resolutions

Outside the eye of the court
you are in charge of
your resolution
Divorce * Co-Parenting * Separation *Family Re-organization
Effective Communications



Certified Mediation

getting you respectful resolutions and legal agreements.

In a mediation setting, both parties benefit from a structured discussion, communication facilitation for effective negotiation.

Both parties feel heard, respected, and supported in the challenging time.

Most essentially, both parties have professional facilitation to be in control of the outcome of their own settlement, to draft detailed agreements, without taking the risks that litigation necessarily brings.


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brings decades of professional experience counseling individuals, families and couples as well as international workshop leadership in self-advancement topics and performance.

Her acclaimed facilitation skills span from highly effective communication methods, to astute active listening, organizing and skillful articulation with creative action-planning. Her approach is focused and pointed, while compassionate and motivational at the same time.

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Keren also offers: “Best Interest of the Child” Assessments, a supplemental (also optional) service.


CURRENT SPECIAL PRICING: $30/party per hour

initiating mediation from march 1 – june 30 2019


Packages or hourly rates

“Module” services available

  • choose to address and draft agreements on a single topic
  • parenting plans. initial or updating
  • child custody agreements
  • separation and divorce division of asset/debt

Convenient Zoom Conference Calls available