ALCHEMY somatic energy-work

power-up your core

these hands-on sessions serve to balance, free and align energy pathways and integrate and coordinate the vortexes and fields-of-being (personal with transpersonal), via both subtle and deep touch, breath guidance and awareness practice.

Alchemy sessions re-balance and therefore heal:

  • chronic pain
  • physical accidents and trauma
  • neck & back pain
  • digestive issues
  • sleep issues
  • ADD, depression, anxiety
  • sexual potency issues
  • fatigue
  • grief
  • emotional trauma

Alchemy sessions enhance:

  • relationship wellness
  • fertility
  • actualizing life purpose
  • self development and inquiry
  • feeling centered & choicefull

Alchemy manual sessions can also include:

counseling,  movement, and meditation practices.


ALCHEMY  counseling

for singles, couples and groups

 “keren khaya abrams, a most remarkable creature, a fountain of vitality and kindness. a truly gifted healer, a carrier of deep and uncanny medicine. in her hands, bodies transform.”    – David Abram, Scholar & Author

counseling with me offers a unique perspective: we focus on what you want, not so much where you have been or what has created your pain or confusion or question of direction.

once we focus on the current desire – for better relationships, for more fulfillment, for more health – we look directly at what it will take of you to get your desire. practical, skillsbased and learning to greatly trust that the universe is built as a web of infinte energy that is beneficent and loving.

our discussions serve the “alchemy” to “knit” you more wholly into that matrix, and – consciously. once you feel a “part” of the Whole, you feel re-sourced, clearer and stronger. you gain awareness of who you are and from that knowing getting to what you want – for you- flows with ease.

these sessions are unique with couples (and small groups) who are wanting to grow more understanding, functionality, intimacy and collaboration. additionally helpful for older teens solidifying their true posture,  and newly blooming adults who are looking for direction.


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  • my work with keren was transformative, and literally, life saving. her depth of purpose and connection to spirit guided me to a place of healing i intuited was possible, but could not have gotten to alone.
    shea, boston
  • Keren Khaya Abrams, a most remarkable creature, a fountain of vitality and kindness. A truly gifted healer, a carrier of deep and uncanny medicine. In her hands, bodies transform.  
    -- David Abram, writer. new mexico
  • it is a huge privilege to learn, share and pray with you. I thank god that we were brought together!
    amy, new mexico

Remote Counseling & Alchemy sessions

are available by phone & video conference

to discuss your specific inquiry and how I can serve you

email or call for a complimentary initial consultation.


alchemy guided meditations

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MP3:  receptivity, connection, and the sphere-of-being 2011

MP3: spine alignment & the core of being 2011 (for continuing in silent meditation following)

MP3: a morning (glory) practice 2012