Alchemy Remote Sessions & Counsel

YOU BRING: inquiry, awareness of imbalance, or need for direction and/or re-creation

I BRING:  a perceptive look into the energetic matrix of your self in relation to your inquiry, imbalance, and/or environment.

  • we look for and clarify your core-of-being  inside the questions or complex.
  • we enlighten you to see the energetic matrix: where there is flow, where there is impediment.
  • we provide you tools to hone into the center-of-you, know what is true to you and take affirming, right, action in relation to your environs and relations.
  • we can also guide your “inner Alchemy” practices for yourself and/or set up a context for remote energetic adjustments for you, by me.

when i listen to stories – to sense for the un/sub conscious mechanisms and support you to shine light in these areas – i ask questions. in sequence. i listen to what you say, how you say, what tone, what tensions, what words in what order as you discover yourself…ie. i listen with 1,000 ears and on multiple planes. i start to see matrices of energetic pathways and crystallizations/stagnations or loops in those paths. with the map, we can then unwind and free…and re-new…

you already ARE whole, it’s just a matter of  freeing  fragments from the un/sub conscious from their cluttering of your natural awareness of wholeness.


DO YOU WANT to cultivate  an authentic and immediately meaningful life path, and develop tools for the walking of it ?



issues of any kind, pertaining to physical and/or

emotional healing as well as inquiries for living a life of more clarity, alignment and goodness, are supported in these sessions.

WHAT IS THE SPIRITUAL BASIS of these sessions?

the spiritual information and maps shared in sessions are based in universal spiritual principles, the esoteric sciences. in addition, keren can offer wisdoms from the ancient Hebrew spirituality and kabala.



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