Wedding Officiation

We make your Wedding ceremony –

A work of Art

meaningful.    inimitable.    simply beautiful.

  We craft a ceremony that is a true reflection of your love, intentions, commitment and personal spirituality

Each wedding is fully custom designed in a series of consults. Start to finish, your ceremony will be as you imagine and wish it –  with a wide range of suggestions and possibilities from Keren’s guidance.

Keren’s Wedding Officiation is grounded in universal ritual elements and UNIVERSAL (non-denominational) SPIRITUALITY.

As per clients’ request, Keren is also an officiant of  Hebrew/Jewish lineage weddings, as an ordained omana’ya   (see more here >)

Santa Fe, NM is a wonderful destination for Weddings. When I officiate, I am able to offer other connections for Wedding professionals in and around Santa Fe, NM.


Check for date and location availability via contacting us

Keren provides Wedding Officiation in and around the Santa Fe, NM area and is sometimes available for further travel.

ASK for your initial consult, no-charge! >   After your initial no-charge consult, Keren will design a full-service contract specifically for you.

BY phone/video or in-person, clients engage in a series of meetings and homework assignments with Keren, typically starting 6-9 months prior to the wedding. This planning gives the couple the opportunity to actualize the ceremony they want for their most special day.

Pre-wedding counseling may also be requested and incorporated.

“I have never seen anything like that before!”

is the most frequent feedback i get!

contact keren for your complementary initial consultation & to inquire about date availability

(Keren signs marriage licenses, legal in any state)

  • I have to say: I love the way you lead ceremony. There is a certain fearlessness you exude in your approach that is refreshing, and seemingly filled with love for everything.  Good for you, and good for everyone whom you reach; you have a gift which shines very brightly. - MM, Fine Artist, NM
    MM, Fine Artist, NM
  • Thank you for helping us create a wedding so beautiful, so meaningful and most importantly something so true to who we are and the relationship that we have. Thank you for your patience, kind words and wisdom. - M&T, Colorado
    M&T, Colorado
  • Keren helped us to create a wedding ceremony and celebration full of meaning and joy. All of the Jewish cultural influences were heartfelt by our guests, who one year later are still giving high praises to the details of our special day. it was a unique, spiritual and beautiful wedding, unlike one that anyone had ever experienced. thank you for our wonderful day! - E&B, Aspen, CO
    E&B, Aspen, CO

Life-Cycle Ceremonies

Keren is available as a “Celebrant” for either non-denominational or independent hebrew heritage life-cycle ceremonies such as, baby-namings, coming-of age & bar/bat mitzvah, un-coupling rituals, renewing marriage vows, new-home blessings, healing rituals, funerals and memorials.

For clients across the globe, Keren consults via video conference to support DIY ceremony creation by folks who want to self-create and officiate meaningful and powerful celebrations & services for themselves and their own communities.





Independent Bar/Bat Mitzvah Mentorship & Ceremonies