sometimes a soul needs this assistance

the soul is indeed an entity, divorcing itself from the physical body at the time we call death.

the personal psychology needs support as well-  to release regret, process last-minute forgiveness, and clean up unfinished business. many ministers and friends can provide these services.

however, beyond the personal, there is a transpersonal process occurring.

it is a soul’s transition. we know little about this, as we no longer study these phenomena in our society. yet, through my initiations, i see some basic principles to assist this process, more like a birthing into freedom, and therefore offer the following services – to help the soul get home. This is particularly relevant in cases of extreme dementia, various “unconscious” states, which may indicate a soul is getting “stuck” in seeking passage from the physical body/realms.

my services also provide essential help for families who are choosing “home death”, that is creating a team of support and loved ones who will minister and witness this soul passage at home, amongst intimates. while these types of services are rare and new, others are using terms like “death doula” to describe their title.

Keren’s end-of-life midwifery supports the soul to pass free from the body, all of it’s personal material, & to ascend unrestricted  to it’s highest abode.

i facilitate this through hands-on energy-work with chakras and the manifold subtle-energy pathways, and fields. Tones, song, and elements of ceremony also facilitate paving that way of release and transition. working with multi-dimensions of being, through touch, i can help open the gates for a smooth passage.


Attending to a passing yourself at home or in hospital?

i recommend not moving the body right away from the time of the last breath. at this time, effective ceremony is very important. the soul’s passing does not happen immediately, there is a time frame.

i also guide the family to consider how to manage the body for the first few days and before burial or other honoring/recycling processes.  we can discuss this on a personal basis.

see also my informational videos regarding these considerations and DIY ceremonials.  see youtube videos here >

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