meet you in the field


esoteric healing

performed remotely

slow down.    attend.    connect.    come home. 


The Science

science of the recent decades provides great understanding of the sub-atomic level of existence and the manner in which these particles function.

it is fascinating to learn that at the foundation of all that exists, is actually vast amounts of space, and – vibrating potential. this has been called the “quantum field.”

via astute attention and clear intention, we meet in that field. a field of all potential and power.

while in our mundane experience, we sense ourselves as a dense form: our flesh, personality, thoughts, emotions, sensations. yet, when we shift attention we can feel more of our own selves, beyond these. we can become sensitive to directly experience the connectivity of this quantum field. i facilitate you to develop your direct sense of this field, by meeting you there.

the tantrics called this “scintillation.” typically, we are not taught to experience the multi-dimensions of our Self. Thing is, when part of those dimensions of self are under-realized, we can limit the greatest possibility of life-force that we long for in order to thrive. aspects of ourselves that we are and become aware of, when integrated well, provide feelings of peace and satisfaction as well as purpose.

Re-sourcing provides more comprehensive connection to what is so much more powerful and vast than what we normally identify as Self.

A Re- Sourcing session

  1.  a 30 minute call to hear your intentions, offering you the opportunity to clarify what you know you need mentally, emotionally and physically for wellbeing.
  2.  a day/time for you Re-sourcing remote session. we work worldwide.
  3. receive an email with some specifications of how to use a few ritual gestures to open our remote-time together, and how to posture and/or create your environment.
  4. remote session is approximately 45 minutes
  5. communicate via email within the week following for you to communicate to me some of what you experienced and ask any follow up questions.

**follow up phone calls may be added at hourly rates**

The Experience

slow down. attend. connect. come home.

Re-sourcing integrates your thoughts, feelings, imagination and body with your intentions. you experience the symphony of coordinated parts of being, providing clarity, peace and purpose.

you will experience a palpable pause within the typical daily motoring about. in this pause, your sensational experience expands, your conscious rest brings harmony to the physiological systems, and you experience my presence in fellowship with you all for placing your intentions into that field of all possibilities. in the re-attunement of your self, now operating symphonically, a return to center and peace is the experience.

expect to experience relaxation, vibratory sensation, physical posture shifts, areas of warmth or feeling held, as well as visualizations of shifts and/or opening, and imagery in your mind that informs you, and potentially receive words or phrases of guidance.



The Purpose

to live on purpose. to heal. to reconnect. to clarify. to feel a new experience of self as multi dimensional. to receive guidance. to free up what is old or stuck. to grow an internal guidance system to live by. to release thoughts or ideas that do not serve you well. to receive knowing directly.

to refresh. to center.

to rejuvenate.

to recalibrate.

to discover and integrate into more wholeness.

Get Scheduled

Available Worldwide

One Re-Sourcing Session includes: initial phone chat, the remote session, a follow up email.

one session = $180

two sessions = $300

three sessions = $333

*multiple session packages must be used within 6 weeks*

CONTACT ME to get scheduled. PAY bebrilliance at keren abrams dot com on Paypal.