when i see you now, greece, i see you in a mani-fold view

its early morning in USA and my eyes are barely able to focus. yet, by my breath, my inner vision is watching greece.

greece, my dear, you have gotten in my heart and i devote to what is in my heart, best i can.


forgive me, too, i am not into politics, i am watching hourly, but i cringe to, watch the news casts. know, it is not my ignorance, or contempt. but, my uncommon take on reality that blocks me.


when i see you now, greece, i see you in a mani-fold view: i see your turmoil and ache, i see your pride and fear, i see your glories and confusion, and largely- i see your long ancient history, stretching along and through that mighty majestic sea, your wisdom thinkers, your healers, your scientists, your gods and goddesses….your human divinity.


could this little fleshy body, stretched out now on this futon bed, give you my vision, offer you a chance to wake up to this – – that is – i see your

essential sovereign nature.


in essence, despite all this mess, you are a culture and people with glory to reveal and to offer. so i say –

— don’t just oppose the repressive hold you feel, don’t just take a fisted muscle-arm up to show your “no”!

rather, sofia-so-grand, stand up, graceful and proud, gracious and proud, and become the example of society you have every potential to be.


i’d say: my brothers and sisters: gather in wisdom!

with or without politicians.

– -call all the intelligent people you know, not just friends, think: maybe the pharmacist down the road, the high school teacher you still remember, the doctor who once truly helped you – whomever – gather! gather teams, committees, enclaves. (don’t forget the wise youngins). call councils- yourself. pack picnics and some blankets and head for the holy sites. head for the temples, in caravans and collectives. camp out. BE there, BE the long and powerful history that cascades you into this moment of historical shaping. re-invest your attention in your natural sovereign nature.


…and reinvent a model of society. show them! with your true creative (not just rebellious) powers, that you will not go down. in fact – you will, despite it all, rise!


get your collective to the temples. all of you, do it. sit there. deepen in your roots. listen. breathe. wait, watch, and trust – you can create your country.

take the ancient text- read it. follow their lead on how to sit in council, discuss, debate, wrestle with mysteries, think, contemplate.

your ancients know much more than i do. ask them. and follow.


i for one, (little, little one) am behind you. 🙂 but, i can imagine when you take your history-making power right into the core of yourself and into your own hands, what actually stretches by the ancestry utterly behind you, holds power greater than many can actually imagine.

— why not try it?

the crisis point is an opportunity to rise. it is a restriction that can burst into great vision: to see oneself beyond what we ever could have imagined.


call me naive and misunderstanding, but i am here, imagining you – at your greatest.

those who are in control of things are perhaps sorely misunderstanding this tremendous possibility you have right inside you, greece.

show them.


– love, keren abrams.   www.kerenabrams.com