• Over 4 consecutive years with Keren, I have done intensive retreats and follow-up skype counseling. A great spiritual teacher and mentor to me, she helped me to make peace with the past & to live a more peaceful and open-minded life currently. I love her open, and intuitive approach, a variety of useful tools, and compassionate, clear guidance.  
    - PB, Business CEO, Vancouver, BC
  • In the midst of personal turmoil and sadness, your warmth, knowledge and humanity brought about the realization that I was not alone. The thoughtfulness of the ritual & guidance - so woven into the fabric of all human drama and life - and the tenderness with which you conducted it, enabled me to feel one with the rhythms and passages of time. JT, University Professor, Phl, PA.
    JT, University Professor, Phl, PA.
  • My work with Keren was transformative, and literally, life saving. Her depth of purpose and connection guided me to a place of healing I intuited was possible, but could not have gotten to alone.- SA, Life Coach, MA
    SA, Life Coach, MA
  • Thank you for your patience, kind words and wisdom. The way you worked with me on retreat this summer was amazing and transformative...I want to continue our work and resource your guidance as this new "me" is unfolding more. - JS, Counselor at Law, Maryland
    JS, Counselor at Law, Maryland
  • "To be able to guide and lead humans be-ing to new levels of trust, truth, & healing without inserting one-self is no easy task. Keren seems to do that intuitively and masterfully. She can be trusted to be fully human and Divine at once." - TY, Master Builder & Farming, North Carolina
    TY, Master Builder & Farming, North Carolina
  • With Keren's assistance, I have created a foundation for my devotional practice, have learned to pull my spirit into my body instead of leaving my body to join my spirit, and have developed effective emotional and spiritual tools to truly grow and act from my authentic core. Keren empowers me by reflecting my own wisdom and compassion. -RC, Teacher, Sf, NM
    -RC, Teacher, Sf, NM

Keren Abrams’ Be Brilliance

is a

hub for Human Potential

I am a dancer. that used to be hardcore devoted training and lots of stage time. over decades, that essential title, “Dancer” has evolved me to spiritual wisdoms, healing hands, the capacity to unite attention and intention and have insight-ing as well as crystal listening.

at the core of human potential, as i experience it, are two skills being a dancer primed me for: firstly listening astutely. secondly, surrender…as the body can make magic out of it’s own form when we listen and attend to spirit moving us. this is not esoteric or abstract – I experienced it!

all my offerings are based in listening.   then also, insighting and reflecting back YOUR wisdom. I empower students and clients to know themselves, their values and passions, their home in a fleshy body, their own wisdoms which are often kinda hidden. all this new knowing – to be their brilliance.

…eager to meet you….get in touch!   let me know how I can help you be your brilliance and to live-on-purpose,


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