sing, for joy! sing, any way...

how do i walk…

& bow constantly?

sacred songs & hebrew medicine mantras
i am singing and drumming, and amazingly talented friends add percussion as perfect spicing… with the grace of master musician, jeremy bleich, a tremendously lovely piano rolls through 2 songs, and the ancient oud resounds in another, as the electric bass holds some groovy ground too.

         it is to pray with, sway with, find refuge and strength with.


DOWNLOAD PDF below to see musical participants, lyric translations and the medicine quality of each piece.




** here is your COMPLEMENTARY ALBUM SINGLE!…for a taster. TITLED:  “pee-hu”  **

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grateful photo credit: p miller, CA.

Two Rivers

from the Rio Grande to the Jordan

2008.  a completely unique and rare recording !!

hebrew, apache, deep bass and light alto voice-layers, drum, guitar, rattle…prayer, thanks-giving…revealing the indigenous undercurrent where native american and native hebrew meet – in sacred song.

keren abrams with  jo’el jojola, isleta traditional advisor

two rivers cd – $15 plus shipping -TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

but here is a complementary album single!  –“traveling song”

Jo’el Jojola (traditional advisor) was born and raised on the Isleta Indian Pueblo a longtime apprentice to his grandmother, an Apache Medicine woman, and to A. Paul Ortega, head medicine man of the Mescalero Apache Tribe.


imperfect creatures

hebrew sacred songs. (2009)

by keren khaya abrams & friends

photo: peter turner

one-takes, advanced living room recordings …revealing the imperfect creature while shining the spontaneous, raging love-ful, prayer-ridden heart burst singing of us “creatures” of the divine.

all melodies are unique, gifted to me in spontaneous moments of deep contemplation with ancient text (except 2 pieces noted as original lyrics). most musical arrangements are spontaneous too, in the 1-take recording.

i love this music and how it moved me and moved through me in the right moment. may it be an offering, that touches you – perfectly!

$15 plus shipping -TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

but here is a complementary album single! –“tzadik k’tamar”, with master fiddling maiden from sweden: (my sister too) alicia abrams

song list with credits, notes and translations click here >