"in all ways, i dance."


  in all ways, i dance…

 WE dance

       it is our art, yes, yet

 it is also our very breath

our thought our fabric our joy experiencing body.

from ballet to modern and post-modern performing arts; from bali to africa to top-dance cities in USA and israel, from yoga to meditation, martial arts and aerials, from stage to forest and sidewalks, keren has developed her dance.

having deeply researched over decades both the dance forms and how freedom works, keren is known for pristine presence as a performer & love of sharing as teacher and collaborator.

with both early extensive training with renowned mentors, merged with devoted practice & seasoned in embodied consciousness methods…

keren brings to the stage a Gem:  Astute Attention,  Skillful Crafting  &  Freedom.

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   the only question i do not ask is

my body in motion. 

Movement Medicine Arts with Keren

post-modern dance

release technique: with roots in ballet, and other primary modern dance forms, postmodern adds dimensions of freedom, possibility, play with contraction/release and gravity and holistic ways to train and create performance work.

in post modern dance, we find more freedom in movement than older forms prescribe, awareness of our inner landscape as we shape an expression in the outer, an intimate relationship to space and gravity and the subtle energetics that move our bodies, as well as use the release of muscles/joints/energy in an intricate rhythm with the contraction and exertion of muscle and force. we learn the easeful and natural functioning of the body’s anatomy and physiology in the highly athletic dance. through releasing extraneous effort and holding in the tissues, power exudes and we find a great freedom in movement, sublime moving experiences and fierce-full-out dancing. included in the class/workshop are technique forms, dance sequences, improvisation and choreographic processes.

contact improvisation - mind states and mechanics

athletic, wondrous, and fitness for the body and mind, this form is in constant contact with a partner where we explore both the mechanics and mind-states for spontaneous partner dancing that includes weight sharing, flying and falling.

keren guides participants into a sublime state of trust and surrender, attuning us to our core impulse and intuitive desires for movement. we study baseline mechanics – for falling, lifting, climbing – engaging wise architecture of the skeleton and the core muscles near the bone. learning both mind-states and mechanics provides for easeful and fluid dancing, with dynamic weight sharing and exchanges, safety and joy in the dance.

contact tango!

for tango dancers…to enhance the dance into the sublime! we learn principles of alexander technique and contact improvisation so that the partner connection becomes a fluid telepathy. we learn about thought and how subtle energy follows it. we practice  the principles of centering at our core, freedom along the spine and sharing the sphere-of-being in this wondrous dance.

authentic movement

a form of movement mediation in which we alternate roles as mover and witness, while all are honing attention to the embodied direct experience of the moment unfolding into shape.

authentic movement can be a practice of meditation in motion. it is a discipline of witnessing the experience of being embodied through attending intimately to the body’s shape, movements, sensations, imaginations, feelings and thoughts, as they arise and shift with eyes closed, in a meditative state. the form offers us to be in the roles of “witness” and “mover” alternately. in either role, each is attending to deepening their awareness of their own experience. in the practice, we also investigate accurate and artful enunciation of our own embodied experience as both a communication and integration tool.

the OneDance

a format that guides individuals to the One state-of-mind and co-creates music/movement/voice  master-pieces   in-the-moment.

after attuning to more subtle dimensions of reality through the individual mind., we practice entering the collective with our own center powered-up and aligned. as a “we-body” , thus, we become attuned to receive the dance/music creation of the moment in spontaneity. we reflect on this experience as a blueprint for receiving guidance in the life-walk. this workshop is for all levels of experience in music and dance, and offers itself to deep and spontaneous healing, collective ritual and wild play!

alexander technique

in partner as well as solo, we learn about freedom of the spine and all joints of the body through specific forms as well as free-movement with awareness. the subtlety of this work is it’s grandeur! we return to our innate state of easeful presence, release unnecessary tension, re-discover the nature of our musculo-skeletal architecture in all its wisdom, both material and spiritual. with practices that are specific, simple and repeatable students can take-home  information to continue their advancement. private sessions are also available.


…to enhance all forms of dance! this course trains dancers to become more aware of the spirit embodied, the experience of their own anatomy and skeletal architecture, how their movement is directed by release of energy, and how to sense the subtle coordinated shifts of muscular engagement and release for efficiency in movement. with training in awareness as well as principles of efficient movement, all dance becomes more whole and healthy for the body as well as soul.

moving more free

“release technique” for modern dancers, social dancers and free-dancers. body-workers , too!

resourcing the alexander technique principles and keren’s unique guidance in release technique, any dance practice finds new and expanded possibilities. previously held old postural habits are re-aligned and bounded energetics are released, giving birth to new pathways of movement that are more easeful, efficient, integrated, and thus, more joyful and skillful in any dance technique students practice. the practices and information given in this workshop greatly support those who work in voice and bodywork/massage too.

yoga and integrative movement

a blend of vinyasa style yoga asana with sounds and spicing of free movement to more fully embody and integrate the energetic and physical benefits of the yoga postures.

a fluid practice of asanas with attention to alignment, easefulness in stability, free breath and energetic connectivity. we also use moments of integrative movement, between asana segments based in the wisdoms of alexander technique and authentic movement. toning and chant are part of each class.

release technique- professional/advanced

release technique… the power of releasing muscle tension in intricate rhythm with engaging other deep, core muscles, as needed. this type of dance resources the subtle energetics of our body as a way of inspiring moving – ie. moving without doing, but allowing and “sending light lines” which exudes powerful, proficient and very dynamic dance. this technique is both for choreography and in-the-moment crafting of dance performance (improvisation).

alexander technique & performance

keren has integrated the postural principles of the alexander technique into her training of dance and musical performers. as the principles of alexander ask us to attend to the joints, especially along the spine, and maintaining their freedom as we move more efficiently, this translates into a striking and radiant performance presence. as the performer is more fully aware of how they are embodying their artistic expression, be it vocal, music or dance, a skillful performer becomes even more powerful in his/her presence and more convicted and confident to express outward to an audience.


While immersed in the professional field of post-modern dance for performance in the mid-1990’s, keren and her colleagues were pioneers in a niche of Live Art.


they practiced and performed in innovative and cutting-edge ways as “rujeko performance collaboration”, based in San Francisco. As co-artistic director, Keren led band of musicians and dancers who were uniquely weaveing immediate/spontaneous choreography, ritual sensibility and intelligent pre-concieved crafting – ALL!  They performed regularly in theaters, forests and streets.


keren has been mentored by and performed with such notables as: supratpto suryodarma (java), arye burstyn (israel), jess curtis, keith hennesey, sarah shelton mann, scott wells, shelley senter, tito la rosa (peru), yair dalal (israel).


 “technical proficiency matched with awe-inspiring subtlety…glad i was here to see…”   – anonymous audience 2006




“Choreography is great. Let’s do it. Although- magic happens in letting go of all I know and could pre-conceive, I adore the moment-to-moment unfolding conception, that is the improvisation.      

 That Spirit that moves us spontaneously,

already knows this piece before me.”