align your life with purpose

Living on Purpose


Personally or Professionally

you know deeply you are ready to Live on Purpose. an essence stirs in you that has creative power, that drives your life. within it is your unique experiences, your unique purpose, the root of your voice.

you want your life to be aligned with what you value, your action to reflect your values, your work and message to have meaning. purpose is intrinsic to your nature.


with keren as ally and a present-witness, you will inquire into your own nature.

discover: what moves you? what do you know? what has impacted you? what wakes you up and inspires?

explore: what are your values? your talents? what is meaningful to you? what impact is yours to initiate? what can you offer and how does offering rejuvenate?


we unpack reflections on where you have been, your direct experience and what it has taught you, how it has grown you.

what do you see as success so far?

where have you missed the mark? what skills gained? what skills to develop?

what is in your tool kit? what more tools do you need and where are resources for you?

Take Steps.

goals get set. mission is the driver. agendas and timelines are listed. we help you create step-by-step self-assignments.

Take Aim.

make the shifts personally and professionally. adjust habits. become agent of your choices… so that your purpose is aligned well with all you articulate and create.

You look at your reflection

You return ‘home’ regularly

You glean wisdom, stay steady &

clear clouds.

 You have come to know,

and, to live

on purpose

Mentoring with keren you will

  • discover the core-of being and know what it is to feel aligned
  • feel  you are part of greater systems and the human story.
  • learn to vision, using your logic & your imagination in tandem
  • uncover the essential driving force that moves you
  • identify stumbling blocks and acquire tools to step-over them wisely
  • take steps, patiently while thoroughly, for each goal and on emergent strategy
  • articulate your mission statement and use it rightly for orienteering

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