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centering   you   to

Live on Purpose

Personally or Professionally

you know deeply you are ready to Live (more) on Purpose. something stirs in you that has creative power, that is your unique perspective, your unique voice. you want your life to be aligned, how you act to come from that clear center of your being. you will develop goals and act on them both professionally and personally.


with keren as ally and a present-witness, you will inquire into your own nature.

what moves you? what do you know?

what are your values? what is meaningful to you?


we unpack reflections on where you have been to support each day of forwarding.

what do you see as success so far?

where have you missed the mark? what skills gained? what skills to develop? what is in your tool kit?

Take Steps.

making agendas and timelines, step-by-step assignments, we set you up to take prudent steps.

Take Aim.

your goals set, all of you is ready to meet your targets!


You look at your reflection

You return home regularly

You glean wisdom

clear clouds

because you have come to know,

and, to

live on purpose

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