in times of transition, what rises for resilience

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 …Some big, many are minor. Your Navigation is Key. So is Intentionality.

And most of all, collecting yourself to make clear choices so that you can advance through it.


Mental Wellness through Awareness



HEALTHY RELATIONS understanding self and other

CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS aligned with purpose




Counseling Sessions & Ceremony

you will be supported to:

  • Define and evaluate your goal
  • Discriminate between fear-based reactions, and integrated actions
  • Release what has been and step, solidly, toward the new
  • Define and implement communications that need to be had
  • Refine your own self-reflection to be more accurate, fulfilling and fruitful
  • Identify emotions, validate each, and create space for useful expressions of emotion.

  • My work with Keren was transformative, and literally, life saving. Her depth of purpose and connection guided me to a place of healing I intuited was possible, but could not have gotten to alone.- SA, Life Coach, MA
    SA, Life Coach, MA
  • Thank you for your patience, kind words and wisdom. The way you worked with me on retreat this summer was amazing and transformative...I want to continue our work and resource your guidance as this new "me" is unfolding more. - JS, Counselor at Law, Maryland
    JS, Counselor at Law, Maryland

where can i help?

Un-coupling / Divorce.        Career Change.         life’s milestones.       Redefining Goals.       Loss and grief.         
Recovering from Trauma & circumstances of abuse.       Getting Healthy.         Conceiving.


Get Started

1. CONTACT me here. Tell me a bit about your transition, and request for counseling or ceremony or both.

2. Schedule your initial quick-call.  this no-charge call is for a short meet n greet, so you can choose if working with me is the best for you!

2. Schedule your first session. for 70 min by phone or video conference. Typically clients get scheduled within 1-2 weeks. for urgent needs, please detail that in the contact form.

3. After the first session, you receive a follow-up email with some summary notes, any assignments we have established, and suggestions.

COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGES are available. Choose 3 months comprehensive package with one live call every two weeks (6 total) & unlimited email volleys.

*each payment/invoice will add NM gross receipts tax*



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