the "source kabala" teachings


Source Kabala: the “sod” series of seminars


SOD AYIN-DALET   ע ד    Witness Presence and Knowing

 SOD AYIN-RESH    ע ר     Awake, naked, and the opposite

SOD KORBAN    ק ר ב    Sacrifice and Intimacy

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What is Source Kabala?

Over many generations, those who studied torah would “receive insight” and this is where the word “kabala” as a title for a body of teaching came from.

kabalists called themselves that. there was no academy or institute to “knight” them such.

they were often unpopular, fringe types, and for most of what we know in the records (of course) they were men. these kabalists were also often rabbis. fringe, likely, but not always.

in my course of study and ordination in the rabbinic lineage of reb zalman schachter-shalomi, i did very little study of what “those guys” (as i do reverently say) said, or saw, in their own insights with torah text. there is available a lot to read about what our historical kabalists found out. i have read some slice of that huge body, yes.

the kabala i share is not from history, however, not passed on from another kabalist, rabbi nor scholar

it is SOURCE kabala

i title it this, because we go to the source- the hebrew (untranslated) text. from there, looking at root words, permutations and placements, we receive clear insight into deep meaning.

i share what my hundreds of hours in contemplation with the text has revealed to me, directly. what i received. the participants also then see for themselves perhaps new angles, new insights, and we share those in collaboration. we receive.

Thus, what i have done is created a body of study of what could be called “living kabala”, and it stands distinct from historical kabala.

i humbly believe that most of the historical kabalists would have felt similarly about themselves. each was having direct experience in torah study/contemplation of deeper truths and meanings. their understandings were immediate, not recounted from elsewhere. i could never be sure, but i would guess many historical kabalists never imagined their insights would get recorded and referred to in books, for many future generations to recount.

 offering SOURCE kabala is sharing insight through torah- at the source of it’s words- with a group of learners. i take us “in” to the portals of torah, provide some information about the hebrew letters and roots and context, then we get to see even more, together.