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AYIN-DALET   ע ד    Witness Presence and Knowing

AYIN-RESH    ע ר     Awake, naked, and the opposite

KORBAN    ק ר ב     Sacrifice and Intimacy

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What is Source Kabala?

the kabala i share is not from history, not passed on from another kabalist who had an insight in the past. 


going together to the source of ancient sacred text- the hebrew (untranslated). from there, looking at root words, permutations and placements, we receive insight into deep meaning.

i share with students what hundreds of hours in contemplation with the text has revealed to me, directly. that is what i “received” and this is the sole meaning of the word and title of the body of work named “kabala.” through my sharing insights, i support participants to have direct experience of how the ancient, untranslated text speaks to them. the gain new insights, and we share those collectively.

Thus, this Source Kabala i teach could also be called “living kabala”, distinct from historical kabala.

historical kabalists likely felt similarly about themselves when they were alive, receiving their insights and teaching. each was having direct experience in tora study/contemplation of deeper truths and meanings. their understandings were immediate, not recounted from elsewhere.

 offering SOURCE kabala is insight through tora- at the source of its words, hebrew portals into the wisdoms and mysteries.

Keren is ordained as the first “Omana’ya” , the Hebrew Ritual Artist in the Lineage of Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi (z”l)

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