stay home, meditate, rejuvenate, create...


remotely, with keren

retreats are time we sanctify for:

  • turning toward the internal
  • attuning through the contemplative
  • attending to intimacy with self, which is also with the divine

Virtual Retreats

Nourish your self 

with sacred space and time

that you create

especially in a society and culture where primary values celebrate how much one can DO and how much multi-tasking we can ACHIEVE, retreat is re-balancing. we simply must revitalize ourselves regularly. with guidance, you can learn HOW to do a retreat to rejuvenate.

Conscious Rest *  Internal Refreshment  * Intimacy with self * Meditation * Yoga Postures * Prayer * Journaling * Creative Arts


contact me to consult about designing your own personal VIRTUAL retreat in your own location


the benefits

  •  re-centering, rejuvinating
  • developing calm and clear thought capacity
  • conscious rest, refreshment
  • reconnection with the “soft-animal-of-the-body”, that is -Self.
  • a renewed sense of purpose and vision
  • a palpable sense of intimacy with all creation
  • deepening into artistic and creative process



initial consult                                    no-charge!

comprehensive Total Retreat           $400-515

lightly supported Refresh Retreat    $330-400

short and sweet Taster Retreat         $180-240

Your Guide

the format

  • design the time: 26 hr, or a few days
  • choose the place
  • 2 consult meetings with your Guide by phone or Zoom to tailor make your retreat

after consults you will have an indivudualized plan:

  • assignments to complete to prepare for the retreat
  • a schedule for your retreat days, sent to you in PDF
  • 1-3 guided practices and/or check-ins with your Guide scheduled for during your retreat
  • a follow-up consult for integrating what you came to know and understand during your retreat into your daily life and rhythm

a group virtual retreat can also be co-created- please inquire!

Healing Retreat

keren co-creates a structure with an individual or small group for healing in physical, emotional and spiritual realms. these retreats can be from 1 full day to 1 week and offer direct contact work with keren in any of the modalities she offers in private sessions as well as options of yoga and creative arts.

Ritual Art and Authentic Ceremony Retreat

..receiving the ritual of the moment through gesture, prayer, movement and music..

at the root of all formalized spiritual and religious practice lies the inner urge, the organic desire, to feel one-self a part of the whole of creation. when we enact ritual we engage this opportunity. releasing the commonly known codes and definitions of ritual, in this workshop, we go to experience ritual’s seed-source and cultivate the flower of its manifestation into form. this workshop guides the crafting of ritual, based in a clarity of intention and a depth of attention, to mark life’s transformative and transitional times. some intentions may be: release and cleansing rituals, rites of passage rituals, healing rituals, or commitment rituals.

Learning Silence Retreat

keren facilitates individuals or groups in the practice of silence and listening for receiving higher guidance. the retreat structure includes continual practice of sacred silence. keren co-creates the structure with the participants and contents may include guided meditation, energy healing, embodied experience in nature, chant and constructive rest.