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Welcome to Keren Abrams’ Be Brilliance, a hub for Human Potential

My purpose is to facilitate new awareness, discovery, and realization within you- for your  intentional and mission based living, in wellbeing and kindness.

Through methods of crystal listening, astute attention and reflecting back to clients and students what they know to be true, their own wisdom brightened, I enlighten and empower them to grow and be their brilliance.

I am devoted to the practice of embodied consciousness, a practitioner and teacher of yoga, authentic movement, the alexander technique and many forms of dance. I drum and sing. I mother my children. I am friend and nurturer of community. I am an interdisciplinary live artist, enthusiastic collaborator, and sacred ceremony maker. I feel myself as part of a wide and diverse existence of breathing ones. Woven within. Eager for life.

…Eager to meet you….

Get in touch and let me know how I can help you learn and shine,

Can you imagine being all you can be?

Together we are creating a whole humanity.

“Keren Khaya Abrams, a most remarkable creature, a fountain of vitality and kindness. She is a truly gifted healer, a carrier of deep and uncanny medicine. In her hands, bodies transform.” – David Abram, teacher & author, Santa Fe

Keren guided me to a place that I had been seeking literally all of my life, a place of peace, happiness and wholeness and for that I will forever be indebted to her. She is beyond remarkable.  – BW, Attorney at Law, Texas

For 4 years, Keren has been a great teacher & mentor to me, helping me to make peace with the past, enabling me to live a more peaceful and open minded life currently. I love her open, and intuitive approach, filled with useful tools, and compassionate guidance!– PB, Business CEO, Vancouver, BC

With Keren’s assistance, I have developed effective emotional and spiritual tools to truly grow and act from my authentic core. Keren empowers me by reflecting my own wisdom and compassion. RC, Teacher, Sf, NM

Be Brilliance offers you

Expertise in Human Potential

Tools.   Inspiration.   Methods.   Motivation.

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