Youth Enrichment and Development

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Youth Enrichment and Development

Mentoring with Keren is

life-changing for youth

keren shares teaching so you can recognize the SELF, she models mutual respect, encourages to develop to the FULL of your own unique potential,

You are seen and heard with crystal attention, like each one deserves

email keren to apply for individual mentoring ages 12-17



Conflict Resolution Coaching

Specifically for youth dealing with the intensity of peer provocation and cliques, as well as navigating the numbers of authorities they are asked to respond to. Ages 12-17

Keren provides 


  • how do you see your SELF in the community of peers and authorities?
  • What is your true nature?
  • What do you value?
  • What are your intentions?
  • How do inner-landscapes and outer-landscapes intersect?
  • How can you be Authentic while being crafted in your communications?


  • Step aside from conflict that is not in your arena
  • Swiping energy onward from conflict that is provocative and piercing
  • How to be responsive over re-active
  • How to protect without promoting escalation
  • De-escalation Methods
  • Effective and Skillful communicating


To Apply

Please submit a letter of interest via email

Your letter should include – in this order:

  1. an introduction that includes how you learned about this opportunity and a concise statement (or two) of what you are looking to develop of yourself
  2. what are the best things you have already learned regarding conflict resolution and centering? what are the outstanding challenges for you in this arena?
  3. what kind of services for barter can you offer? (inquire for suggestions if needed)
  4. what kind of time do you want to commit to your training? number of months and days/week and amount of hours.
  5. a conclusion that demonstrates you have serious interest and hope to be considered for a video interview to further the process.


fees for this training are shared by both parent(s) and youth participant. sliding scale for parents (based on income level) is $40-60 per contact hour, plus, barter of services contribution from the youth.