think of me as you would if writing my eulogy

think of me as you would if writing my eulogy…

…and not just me, let’s do it for everybody. maybe not at every moment, but often. stop your thinking (of others) and think of them as you would if you were writing their eulogy.

sorry if this appears in tone heavy. as you will find, it is actually not my intention to belabor but rather to uplift.

i am just so oft struck by the effect death has in our community. in some ways, we just “wake up”, even if briefly. the essentials stand out, the fluff drops off. the time stands more still and the preciousness of it more palpable right in the breath, right? we think of our lives. we think of the impermanence that we so often belie to ourselves and each other just doesn’t exist. we, normally, move about as if its all so serious and, furthermore, permanent, or, fixed. but back to the most essential grist in this here mill: think of me as you would if writing my eulogy. because in that case, you would remember me, not as a fantasy or hero-ized, but as i am. just only – the light side. you would so easily see my brightest qualities, my highest accomplishments and most of all- you would so easily see the true essence of what i stand for , in my life. that is what i suppose you would see at my death. and our eulogies, as a society, are so often kind, gentle, pardoning. yes -pardon- this is the thing. the minor errs slip into the mysterious shade similar to where we can imagine the person slides, at death. while their greatest qualities we highlight. lets highlight them now. because as we do so, a magic happens that is available right here in life: we raise each other up to our best. and perhaps grander, we get to know the succulence of true love. now.