and so…


And so continues the game of blame and shame.
you Call out the wrongdoer, you play holier than thou, you don’t inquire or pause to consider with a compassionate eye-
you don’t chew through fats of the collective responsibility of society, the education system, the institutional systems, the mechanistic souless systems -that have blasted out empowered independent and original thought from those in positions that we bow under as the “authority.”
we have not bred capable, critical thinkers, who can collaborate and coordinate effectively in an emergency. We have failed to do that breeding consistently.
again- you point the finger and make threats at ’em. you are angry, of course justly, so now you will take them down. at another “other” you take aim.
and by those “gotcha” nets in which you grab one more villain you named as such, your children learn more war.
and their soft tears turn into hardened weapons.
it is not a fight to enlighten. And this mistake keeps us vexed, in violation and under violence.
grieving needs its own space.
collective cries, too.