Until we say…

until we all say:

how we have failed this son, and –

   oh! how many times his feelings did not get heard or held

how his eyes sought frantically for higher-ups to truly admire, and how we forgot to look him right in the eyes so many times…

how many times he heard us -yes US -rail on things we “hate”

like, how we “hate those evil doers” out there somewhere

 oh man, we taught him.


until we all say and sincerely ponder:

how we must have failed this child of our community, our society, our culture

…until we suspect how we birthed and bred him for this exact act, 

until we know, by light of attentive insight, that he had already self-destructed inside

 before he even visioned his arms harming another

…until we gather, and surround our children – at every age- and change their nurturance to be REAL and THOROUGH and ATTENTIVE



until we see it like it is and make changes,

those children our society raises according to off-base and grave mis-takes,

those will grow and will



it is US, WE who must hold our babies better. grow our babies right.

we have failed them

– who now we hate and call villains.

this discourse shows us we will breed more: